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Can A Quartz Clock Change The Core Of A Wave Clock
Jan 22, 2018

As a system technology principle, the radio clock is: first, the standard time signal is encoded by the standard time service center (the commercial code is encrypted), and the low frequency (20KHz~80KHz) carrier mode is used to broadcast the time signal in the radio long wave. The radio clock can receive the low-frequency radio time code signal through the built-in micro radio receiving system, and demodulate the time code signal by the special integrated chip, and then automatically adjust the timing of the clock by the control mechanism set by the timing device. Through such a technological process, all the clocks (or other timing devices) that receive the standard time signal are kept at high level with the standard time of the standard time service center, and all the radio clocks display exactly the same time.


The working principle of an electronic clock is designed according to the physical phenomenon of "electromagnetism and magnetization". From the electrical energy into magnetic energy, by converting magnetic energy into mechanical energy, driven by the minute when running, to achieve timing.

1, a transistor clock

Dry batteries, as the switch transistor, the balance spring oscillation system, uniform core is J1 type, the same shape and general alarm clock.

2, crystal alarm clock

The same performance and a transistor clock, plus a power supply alarm device.

3 transistor pendulum

With the electronic circuit control pendulum as oscillating element shape and similar mechanical pendulum.

4, quartz clock with "quartz crystal" as an oscillator, through the electronic frequency division to control the motor operation, driving the pointer. The accuracy of walking time is very high. A variety of desk clock, wall clock, calendar clock, alarm clock, music clock, floor clock, there are car clock, ship clock, astronomical clock and other technical clock.


5, the digital clock also uses quartz crystal as an oscillator, directly using the light emitting tube or liquid crystal display time, no mechanical transmission. It has many functions, such as time, minute, second, calendar, calendar, calendar and so on.

6, electronic watches and powered by batteries instead of spring, without hand winding, has a variety of structure, shape and mechanical watches, electronic watches are, according to the structure and the invention has electronic table is divided into four generations.

The first generation is the balance wheel electronic watches, is to balance spring as the oscillator to micro batteries, through the electronic circuit driving wheel work.

The second generation is a tuning fork electronic watch, which uses a metal fork as an oscillator and outputs pulse current by electronic circuits to make a mechanical tuning fork vibrate.

The third generation is the pointer type quartz electronic watch. It uses quartz resonator as an oscillator and drives the stepper motor to drive the gear train and pointer through the electronic divider.

The fourth generation is the digital quartz electronic watch. It also uses quartz resonator as oscillator. The difference is that it displays the time in the form of digital display by means of frequency division, counting and decoding.

The first three generation of electronic watches are all equipped with traditional mechanical pointer mechanism, while the fourth generation of large-scale electronic integrated circuit is completely divorced from the traditional mechanical structure of all electronic watches. Different kinds of different principle, but deviate from them.

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    Add: No.4, Road 6, New Zone, Huaide New Village, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-769-85532891
    Mob: +8613728129292
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