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Household Clock Can Change Evil Spirit, You Know?
Sep 18, 2018

A clock dissolves a geomantic evil spirit

Common household clock is hanged on the wall directly in front of the room commonly, or be put on ark of the side, of horological put also cannot careless careless careless, follow one's inclinations, also want to put geomantic learning knowledge according to certain clock, because horological ok avoid evil spirit, concern the safety of household and auspicious. Below simple introduction a few horological put geomantic knowledge.


A clock can avoid evil spirits

The clock can avoid evil spirit, if there is a "evil spirit" in the villa, the clock can be aimed at the direction of the brake suspension. Be like: household inside door door is opposite, door window makes a straight line, can be in opposite all the time on some wall suspension clock. The other clock is best to sit south to north, which means the house is safe. In the clock "clock" and "end" homophone, in feng shui meaning academic has its place attention point. But at the same time horological is in decorate geomantic in have change evil spirit function again, and horological watch time is convenient, horological put consequently also become the adornment in furniture to use more frequent adornment. Which aspects should be considered when the clock is placed in the home:


Feng shui:

Face of horological put should be in east or south, avoid by all means cannot put in west or north, because west and north are white tiger and basaltic direction, it is inauspicious square and rear, put horological not advisable.

Fengshui 2:

Back of sofa and back of bed cannot put clock, can cause the body to get uncomfortable so, back of sofa and back of bed put still thing easily and not easy put animal. In household feng shui, the movement must notice.

Fengshui 3:

Do not put the clock that has pendulum belt to ring as far as possible, because such clock arrives on time to be met knock, especially night, easy cause a person to be distracted unpeaceful, cause sleep quality, be like timid person, return the daydream that can cause a person on certain level, put not advisable.

Fengshui four:

If bedroom space is relatively small, suit to put a few head to compare small clock, compare bulky get clock not to suit to put in such household space in. Still have when, the clock in the home does not need too much, still be as a result of clock is the attribute of move, easy destroy the quiet gas in the home.

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