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Questions And Answers On The Development Of China Clock Movement Industry
Sep 28, 2018

There is great room for the development of China's watch and clock industry with an average growth rate of 30%

With the rapid development of China's commercial economy, China clock great changes have taken place in the commercial market: international brands watches and clocks, domestic watch brand, also clock has been developed from simple timing tool to meet the fashion needs of consumers and spiritual needs, and makes the choice of domestic consumers have more space, also make China clock keener competition in the market. The rapidly growing Chinese watch market has become an important market of the world watch and clock, just like the rising sun, with strong momentum of development.

In order to adapt to this change, make the watch business industry in the competitive market environment to standardization, ordering the healthy development of the track, weaving the clock business contact cooperation ties between businesses, retail business, agent enterprises set up clock and watch brand enterprise platform for communication and coordination, set clock bridge for understanding between the business sector and the government support, Chinese business enterprise management association officially decided to set up branches directly under the Chinese business enterprise management association clock business enterprise management committee ".

Interview with Mr. Fang ping, secretary general of watch business management committee of China business enterprise management association

Q: what is the background of the establishment of the watch business management committee of the China business enterprise management association?

A: since 2000, a large number of foreign watch brands have entered the Chinese market. With the rise of the local market and rapid development, wearing luxury watches has become a status symbol and is flaunting. In this case, the watch industry needs normative management.


Q: what is the current domestic clock industry? Would you please tell us about the main tasks of the association's future development?

Answer: quality control, maintenance, cannot keep up with the development need. Today, we invite the manager of domestic and foreign major retailers to the event site, which is a gathering of important people in the clock industry.

Q: what has changed in China's domestic watch and clock movement industry in recent years? What are the industry trends?

Answer: the development rise with 30% sale amount since 2000, horological market has very big development space.

Q: what is the market size growth of China's domestic watch industry in recent years?

A: since 2000, the average growth rate has been around 30%. There is still a lot of room for growth in the future.

Q: how big is the industry now and what is the growth?

A: in 2011, the retail sales of clocks on the Chinese mainland reached nearly 40 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of about 30% from 2000 to 2011.

Q: what difficulties do you face?

A. for a decade, the watch business has grown rapidly, but its management has been relatively weak. Problems have been encountered in operation integrity, fair competition, enterprise management, quality control, talent training and after-sales service.

Q: what problems will the association solve?

Answer: help watch clock movement commercial industry solve the problem that management of honest management, fair competition, enterprise management, quality control, talent training, after service and so on encounters.

The general goal of this association is to guide the business enterprise of watch and clock to abide by the law and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests; To standardize the development of watch and clock market, to establish and perfect the regulations of watch and clock circulation industry; Establish a fair, just, harmonious and standard operating environment; To strengthen contacts, exchanges and cooperation between watch and clock commercial enterprises and governments, domestic and foreign related enterprises and organizations; To train and train the business entrepreneurs of clocks and watches and promote the modernization of management of watch and clock commercial enterprises; Promote and promote economic cooperation and cooperation among watch and clock commercial enterprises.

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    Add: No.4, Road 6, New Zone, Huaide New Village, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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