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Hengrong Clocks Come All The Way
Apr 10, 2018

Hengrong company was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. In 1999, Hengrongcompany specializes in producing clock accessories, quartz clock movements, quartz clocks, and clock hands.


In 2002, due to the large market demand for watches and clocks, Hengrong company developed and produced various types of wall clock plastic rear covers, metal clock  frames and various creative personality wall clocks and metal pendulums. Development and innovation have now developed DIY accessories for various types of wall clocks, and they have been well received by users.


In 2004, the quartz clock was the most popular decorative product in crafts, gifts, decorations and other industries. clock are highly representative in the hearts of the Chinese people and are a kind of historical culture in China. In the clock and watch industry, Hengrong are also large enough to manufacture quartz clocks. There are more than 100 types of quartz clock heads in various sizes. There are quartz alarm clock heads, plastic quartz clock inserts, metal quartz clock inserts, and antiques. Quartz  handicrafts, quartz clocks, etc., quartz clock insers products to the arts and crafts, gifts industry products into artistic elements and hot selling points, so Hengrong quartz hours deeply long-term cooperation and trust of many industries.


Quartz movement in the clock industry in every stage of each series of new, Hengrong clock quartz clock movement does not fall behind, quartz clock movement has always been Hengrong company concerns and research and development object, how can there be no new products ? Hengrong clock have also developed 24-hour quartz movements, tidal clock movements, high-torque movements, quartz small round movements, cartoons on the basis of silent quartz movements, step movements, swing movements and alarm clock movements. Alarm clock movement and a series of quartz clock movement products.


The clock hand is one of the indispensable accessories in the watch industry. The clock hand has plastic injection molding and metal aluminum stamping in these years. The clock and clock industry is mostly used for metal clock hands to meet various strict special requirements. Hengrong company and clocks constantly research and development and production now has more than 2,000 different styles of clock and needle molds, the new style has been used and recognized by many watch industry.


Hengrong has always been grateful for all the way and thanked all corporate customers for their continuous trust and support for Hengrong. Thank you colleagues for all these years of hard work and hard work for Hengrong! ! ! !

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    Add: No.4, Road 6, New Zone, Huaide New Village, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-769-85532891
    Mob: +8613728129292
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