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How To Choose A Good Wall Clock
Jan 22, 2018

The clock is the most important part of the movement, what is the movement, simply install the battery box is small, the size of 5.5*5.5CM square, this little thing is responsible for the travel time of the clock, the clock is mainly depends on it.

Briefly introduce several types of the machine:

1, the second is a jumping movement: go jump, a ticking time to go now, the real market is relatively common, relatively low cost of movement, the movement process is not too complicated, the most famous of the Taiwan movement. The sun signs. The advantages of accurate movement, travel time, small power consumption (1 the battery can be used for more than one year). Many foreign orders are generally used. Some movement, such as Heng Rong HR1688 clock movement in Europe is also popular.


2, the second is the scanning movement: walk. This product type needs to be subdivided into a good scanning machine and a poor quality scanning machine, and the difference is very large.

The ordinary scanning movement, poor quality, leave no tick, but due to the internal circuit, using the original quality, cleanliness of the production environment, the movement will have disadvantages of continuous rotation sound during the operation: no mute, large power consumption (1 battery 3 months will need to be replaced a).

2. The quality of the home-made machine is relatively good, the coil is large enough, the appearance of the core is also good, the price of the core is more expensive than the ordinary scanning core, and a battery can be used for about 10 months.

Taiwan production machine, the price is moderate, the mute effect is very good, can do real mute, low power consumption of a battery can be used for about 1 years. Taiwan brand movement are common tianhuangxing movement, and the sun movement in Taiwan, the 2 are more common.

3, wave movement: also called the error free movement, the movement principle waves increase in movement under the premise of common with the radio broadcast the similar principle, the time signal can be received by the radar tower, and can keep the time signal accurately expressed, and every day in a machine automatic update. We call it a wave machine, also called a radar core. The clock can provide more precise time for consumers, and the error in one million years will not exceed one second. In addition to its inner gear and PCB, there are also antennas for receiving signals and micro computers for control. It can be said to be a very precise clock engine. Only Germany / UK / Japan / United States had some technology and products, and our first domestic launch pad was established and put into use in 05 years.

I know how to buy is not the clock movement good? First, I know the seller, and I can make the seller take pictures of the movement. We can see the structure inside, see if the coil is big enough, and the overall appearance of the movement is not good. Through the above mentioned points, we can basically determine the quality of the core.

Another part of the clock is the appearance (including shell, glass)

Introduction of several common shells

1, plastic shell (also called PVC, ABS shell are plastic, just a different name), the most common, there are cheap plastic scrap products, scrap plastic easy to fade, fragile, but also useful material, price difference of about 50%, also has the sense of quality great difference. It's not as good as a solid wood shell and a metal shell.

2, metal shell: the price is relatively high. The common shell is aluminum alloy shell, iron plating shell (dyed by current adsorption on iron shell, iron plating outer frame, over time, oxidized and discoloring), stainless steel case, etc., which has better texture than plastic shell.

3, wood shell: the most environmentally friendly wall clock, solid wood, good texture. The quantity of the outer shell is also larger because of the more environmental protection.

4, wood board shell: and the raw material used as the density board, is the wood particles extrusion molding, the product density is poor, the price is relatively real, and environmental protection.

How to choose, mainly look at the appearance, this is still easier to see. The surface material, usually the surface of the plastic shell are usually plastic, and the surface is textured glass is not good, the transmittance difference, wood shell and a metal shell is generally a glass surface, good light transmission, shortcomings, high packing requirements, or when the transportation problem.

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