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How To Regulate The Time Of The Radio Controlled Clocks
Apr 08, 2018

Radio controlled clock, also known as wireless control timing clock or radio controlled timepieces.

The Principle of Radio Controlled Clocks

 The basic technical principle of the system are as follows. Firstly, the standard timing center will code the time signal(the commercial code will be encrypted), using low frequency (20 KHZ to 80 KHZ) carrier to transmit the time signal to radios with long wave.

Through built-in tiny radio receiving system, the radio controlled clock can receive the low-frequency radio code signal. Then, with the help of special integrated chip code signal demodulation and internal timing mechanism, the clock can automatically adjust the time.

All of the radio controlled clocks and watches can receive the standard time signal in the end,and then standard time will be shown in the screen of the radio controlled clocks.


 Different countries launch different code signals with different frequency.

The United States,WWVB, frequency of 60 KHZ;

Germany, DCF, frequency of 77.5 KHZ

Britain, MSF, frequency is 60 KHZ

Japan, JJY, 40 KHz and 60 KHz frequency

China, BPC, frequency of 68.5 KHz


How to regulate the time of the radio controlled clocks

First, move the pointer back to the initial benchmark. Generally,the initial benchmark of the radio clock is 12 oclock. The actual operation is very simple. Press the reset button, and then the second hand will move and stop at 12 o 'clock. And then the minute hand and hour hand will move at the same time, and finally stop at the 12 o 'clock.

Secondly, remove the battery for the sake of preventing the rotation of the operating axis. And then dismantle the screw. Remember not to discard the screws.

Thirdly, remove the outer ring and the glass after discharging the screw.

Fourthly, this step is very important. You should remove the second hand first. Be sure to hold down the movement gently during the process of pushing the second hand up vertically. The above operations also apply to the minute hand and hour hand.

Fifthly, re-install the pointers. Re-install the hour pointers and aim at 11 o clock. And then re-install the minute hand and the second hand successively at the 12 o 'clock.

Sixth, re-install the battery and press the reset button. It can be seen that it is 11 o 'clock, which proves that the above steps are correct. And then put on the glass and tighten the screws. About 10 to 15 minutes later, the pointer will start to move around and automatically calibrate the time.


Matters that need attention

When the clock pointer is pulling up vertically, dont turn right or left.


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    Add: No.4, Road 6, New Zone, Huaide New Village, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-769-85532891
    Mob: +8613728129292
    Skype: hrclocks0769
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