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Quartz Clocks Of Choose And Buy Six Big Reasons
Aug 06, 2018

Quartz clocks of choose and buy six big reasons:

1.Cheap quartz movement is usually 20-30% cheaper than mechanical movement, so quartz clocks are usually much cheaper than mechanical watches.

2. The biggest advantage of quartz clocks with high precision is that they have high precision (about 100 times higher than mechanical clocks), with a monthly error ranging from -30 seconds to +30 seconds.

3. The quartz watch can be made thinner or smaller, making it more convenient to wear. In addition, it is easy to achieve multi-function, the appearance of the case design has more room for change.


4. With the convenience of purchasing quartz clocks, you will surely experience its convenience. It will serve you well, and you don't need to take too much care of it, especially for ladies and middle-aged and old people. And the mechanical automatic watch often because wear the physical activity quantity that carry insufficient, cause the clock to walk when length is not enough, hence often stop to walk, this problem is particularly annoying.

5, the service life of the feldspar the clock movement structure more simple, only need to replace the battery, choose a watch repair shop with good credit and selecting good quality batteries, quartz clock movement certainly greatly exceed the life of a mechanical clock. Here we can tell you that quartz clocks do not have as prominent a wear problem as mechanical clocks (although there are few diamonds in the core), and the use of the watch handles is also very rare, so you can almost ignore the wear of the machine parts, especially the transmission gear system.


6. Maintenance and repair is easy. The maintenance period of quartz clock is long. If there is no problem with the clock core, the oil can not be washed. Like buying a clock or a car, the cost of maintenance should be taken into account in the future. The life of a mechanical clock depends largely on the degree of wear and tear. Nowadays, the tri-proof performance of quartz clock is similar to that of mechanical clock, and its waterproof performance depends on the sealing degree of its case. Its anti-vibration and anti-magnetic ability is even better than that of mechanical clock.

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    Add: No.4, Road 6, New Zone, Huaide New Village, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-769-85532891
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