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New Wall Clock Strikes Over Batteries
Aug 15, 2018

In March 11th, Mr. Cong went to the City Consumers Association to complain that the new clock was "strike" because of batteries. He said he had just bought a wall clock, and the pointer went on strike all night. Mr. Cong introduced, in March 10th, he bought an electronic clock at 50 yuan in a watch shop in the city. That night, Mr. Cong bought two Nanfu batteries from the supermarket and installed one of them on an electronic clock. Unexpectedly, 11 early in the morning, Mr. Cong discovered that the clock had stopped.


"The clocks I bought before can be used for at least one year with batteries installed. How come the new clock broke down overnight?" Mr. Cong said. Subsequently, Mr. Cong found the clock shop, and the clock shop changed the battery, but the pointer still did not go. Inspection found that the core was damaged, and the reason for the damage was unclear to both parties.

Ms. Gao also experienced similar situations. Ms. Gao said she bought an alarm clock at a shopping website for 20 yuan. After arrival, Nan Fu battery was installed for the alarm clock, and the time was adjusted. Unexpectedly, the next morning, Ms. Gao's new alarm clock did not ring, even the dial pointer did not go.

Each of the two batteries has scope of application.

Why did the newly bought clocks strike in one night? In March 11th, the reporter interviewed Wang Xuejun, a seller who had many years of experience in clocks and watches.

Wang Xuejun said that this is actually a misunderstanding in the use of batteries, resulting in a breakdown of the clock. At present, the best-selling Nanfu batteries and King Ba batteries are alkaline batteries, high-performance alkaline batteries are high-capacity batteries, when the current is relatively strong, suitable for high-current electrical appliances, such as electric toys. The working current of the electronic clock is small, so it is suitable for ordinary carbon batteries. According to the introduction, electronic clock, remote control, radio and other low current electrical appliances, are suitable for carbon batteries.

In the interview, another shop owner surnamed Wang, who sells clocks and watches, said that most of the clocks and watches on the boxes will use text reminders to prohibit the use of batteries such as Nanfu and King Ba Wang.

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    Add: No.4, Road 6, New Zone, Huaide New Village, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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