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How Much Do You Know About Household Clock Feng Shui?
Sep 12, 2018

All the time, hang a clock in the home, it is not only use see time, at the same time the position that wall clock hangs is very important to geomantic also. What role does it play in the study of wall clocks and feng shui? What contraindication does the feng shui of wall clock have? To this, below we come to specific understanding wall clock geomantic knowledge, hope to be helpful to everybody.


First, the wall clock taboo

1. Quantity should not be excessive

Many people like to decorate the walls and several clocks show time around the world, but too many clocks may disturb the mind and inner peace, so no matter it is a living room or a room, it is better to have only one wall clock.

2. The shape should not be too weird

Clocks come in a variety of shapes, but the best way to hang them in your home is to use a calm, steady shape like a square or a circle, because the broken, weird shapes can also be a harbinger of a fight or a fight.

3. The bearing should not be opposite to the door

Although it is convenient to see the time when opening the door, Chinese always pay attention to the homophone of "clock" and "end". Just hang it on the side wall.

4. It should not be hung above the sofa

Many people also like to hang their clocks on the sofa, but the clock above the sofa can affect those sitting under it and disturb their minds.

2. The function of wall clock

1. Refreshing

Geomantic learn to think, the turn of horological clock is the life that represents a family, more stable more explain in the home all work is normal, turn of time became history, to family member also have abandon old days, most beg new meaning. People feel refreshed and alive.

2. Drive wealth

Although the clock is not original of China, but its form resembles compass, also have important sense on geomantic, because it is in ceaseless turn, if put in the money position in the home, be helpful for urging money gas to run.

Disarming brake

The time of clock is walking all the time, the feeling that has kind of geomantic wheel, suit to put in the filth of the home or the azimuth with heavier breath opposite, for instance toilet, balcony. Use the wheel of time to ease the chi in the home and usher in good fortune.

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